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Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipsticks Review

I always have a problem when it comes to lippies, I never get enough of it. You don't need 10 or even 30 lipsticks in your drawer, right? To my friend, if you have a nude and a red lipstick, you'll be fine for the rest of your life. But I always want more, even though I don't wear them all.
Wet n Wild Mega Last was raved by beauty gurus or bloggers back then, most of them said few colors are dupes for MAC lipsticks, and I have ten to review you because it's that good.
The packaging is made of plastic and the cap is clear so you can see the color through the cap without opening it. To me its really helpful. The downside is when you are not careful while putting the cap back in, you will ruin the product by hitting cap onto product.
So, I have ten colors to swatch for you:
Left to Right: Bare it All, Just Peachy, In The Flesh, Wine Room
Bare it all is a warm nude color, it's a perfect nude for me, not too brown not to pink. Just peachy is similar to bare it all but it's more on peachy side. In the flesh is a rosy pink with a hint of brown, this I would say one of my favorite. Wine room is 
Left to Right: Pinkerbell, Don't Blink Pink, Carrot Gold
Pinkerbell is a bright neon pink (they said it's a dupe for MAC Viva Glam Nicki). Don't blink pink is a hot pink. Carrot gold is a bright orange, but it a a tiny hint of peach.
Left to Right: Cherry Bomb, Spotlight Red, Red Velvet
Cherry bomb is dark cherry red. Stoplight red is a true classic red and this is my staple red at the moment, Red velvet is a cherry red, it's a blue based, very pretty.
Left to Right: Bare it all, Just Peachy, In The Flesh, Wine Room, 
Pinkerbell, Don't Blink Pink, Carrot Gold, Red Velvet, Spotlight Red, Cherry Bomb.

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