Minggu, 30 Agustus 2015

Colourpop Haul

I am in trouble, oh this is why I need to stop watching youtube videos and start reading books about saving money. I went a little bit crazy, buying these colourpop products, even now, I can see myself purchasing more in the future. This has to be labelled "youtube made me buy this" haul.

I bought twelve lipsticks, you probably think this girl is crazy, she doesn't know if she's gonna like it and she bought twelve? I know but I just can't control myself, they are just beautiful and cute...and it's cheap and pigmented (excuse much, nic?) Okay, and I bought a highlighter and two blushes. I didn't buy eyeshadows because I want to see the texture of blushes first, if I like it then I will buy the eyeshadows for sure (and I already listed the colours I want lol).
Highlighter I bought is called "smokin' whistles". Two blushes that I bought are Aphrodisiac and Between The Sheets. 
Twelve lipstixs that I bought are Brink, Lumiere,Topanga, Kiddo, Frida, LBB, Flawless, Blood, Frenchie, Fight, I Heart This, and last is Heart On.
I haven't played with these products yet but I will let you know after fews days trying them, to see if I like them or not. But for now I am really pleased with what I've got, and excited to try, yeayy.