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Luxola : How To Buy

Hi everyone, I'm really into buying cosmetics and beauty stuff now, I don't know why but everytime I got money all I ever think is that I need to buy some beauty stuff, is it called an obsession? Haha maybe. I've been recently buying things from Luxola, and this is my second  time buying stuff from this website. I really like this online shop because it always has a discount for some of the brands they sell. And it's pretty affordable than other online shop website, also It's a hundred percent original. Yes, because sometimes some online shops are naughty telling us that things they sell are authentic but actually fake.

I found this website through google when I search Sara Happ Lip Scrub review and google showed me this web. When I opened it I saw a brand that I really want to get the products on my hand "SLEEK". I've watched so many reviews on YouTube about this brand and everyone likes the products. So I bought some of them from Luxola, and that time Luxola had 35 percent discount on every products they sell so I took advantage and bought 3 products, 2 are from SLEEK and 1 is from Z-Palette.

Let me show you guys how to buy products on Luxola :

1. Go to www.luxola.com

2. Before you shop, I suggest you to sign in first or maybe if you don't have a account, you can make one. I recommend you to sign up (if you don't have one) because you can get emails from them and will not miss every sale that they have in time. 

3. After you sign in/ sign up, go to the products that you wanna buy. I chose sleek again here because they had a sale on sleek products that I chose.

4. Click on the products and click "add to cart" or if you want to make it fast you don't have to click the product, just click the button under the product "add to cart" or in Indonesia "Beli".

5. When you're done adding your products, click on your cart, which is on the right top of the website which has a basket symbol to it.

6. Once you click on your cart, the page will show you what's in your cart, it has items that you put in, also has the total price of your products. It also shows the shipping country, I choose Indonesia because I live in Indonesia.

7. If you have a promo code or points you could apply the code or maybe redeem the points (which has instructions below the "Redeem My Points).

8. If you still want to continue your shopping then click "Continue Shopping" or in Indonesia "Lanjut Berbelanja" below the shipping country.

But, if you think that it's enough and you don't want to add more products to your cart then click "Secure Checkout" or in Indonesia "Beli Sekarang" which is under the Total.

9. After you click the secure checkout, the page will show your order and shipping address. If you want to ship this into your current address then click "Proceed to Purchase".

10. After you click that, the page will show you, your order and payment details which has Visa/MasterCard/American Express, PayPal, BCA KlikPay, Mandiri E-Cash, and transfer to Bank account (BCA and Mandiri) and etc. Choose your payment that you think easy to do the transaction. I chose the Transfer to Bank Account which is on the bottom and I click "Confirm".

11. Then after you clicked confirm, the page will show the details of the bank and a confirmation payment that we have to fill after we finish our payment. And then Click "Confirm".

12. After you pay the payment, Luxola will send you a confirmation payment to your email. And after about two days or so they will email you and give you the tracking number of your products so you check where the products are.

Aku belum dapetin barang yang udah aku order, emang lama pengirimannya tapi menurut aku it's worth to wait karena barang yang dikirim itu ga cacat dan aman pas sampe di rumah.

Have you tried the website yet? It's pretty easy to order and affordable. I recommend you this website if you want to buy some beauty products. Enjoy shopping guys.

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Minggu, 19 Januari 2014

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks Review

Hi guys today I'm gonna review my Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks. I have only 5 of them and they're from the Color Sensational Lipsticks Collection. This collection is actually a permanent so you can buy them at Maybelline Counter near you.

So, I was about to buy my Maybelline Falsies Mascara because I ran out of it. Then, I went to maybelline and bought a new one. I saw these lipsticks in many shades and I swatched few of them on my hand and I love my berry color, but then I decided to buy five color of its collection.

The packaging is very nice and sturdy, it was made from plastic so if you drop it, it won't break. it has name on every shade on the bottom. I love how the color code by changing the color of the cases, brown for nudes, purple for plums, pink for pinks, and red for reds.

So here's what I thought about each color I bought :

1. Born With It
This is very hyped color on its range. So I bought it, I wore it like twice or three times and I must say I don't really like it. It is a pinky nude color with champagne shimmers to it which I don't like about a lipstick which has a frosty finish. It is not quite opaque and very sheer but you can build it up if you want. It's a nice color though like a nude pink but it gives you like some disco balls hanging around your lips, it's very glittery and it leaves dry patches on my lips, if you want to use this lipstick you better scrub and moisturize your lips first.


2. Coral Crush

First time I saw this color, I love it so I really want to give this a try. It is a bright, reddish coral strawberry shade with a sheen to it. You can get a really nice coral almost like a sweet strawberry-ish color in one swipe and also you can build up the color to get more coral color to your lips. It's very nice color to have on Summer, this color reminds me much about holiday because the color is so fun to wear.


3. Very Cherry
This color is a red color with a hint of blue. Okay, this color has so much love from me, I wore it almost the entire days of my holiday to Europe. I love this color, it makes your skin looks so fresh. This is very pigmented, you will get the color on only one swipe. It's very creamy and not drying my lips. It compliments all skintone (fair even to dark skin). Loveeeee it.


4. Totally Toffee
This is in Brown section of its collection. I prefer this color over my Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Born With It. It has no shimmer which I like so much. It is a beautiful nude brown color with pink undertone to it. This color suits my skin tone. It doesn't make my face look dead, it's a nice nude brownish kind of color. If you want to go with almost like a "bare" lips, you should try this.


5. Bit of Berry
It is a very creamy berry-pink which is in pink section of its collection. It's a beautiful shade, I never try a bright plummy berry-pink shade but after I swatched it on my hand, I fell in love with this color, I also wore this color on my holiday and my sisters love this color too. It's such a great color for fall and winter. You should give this a try too.


very nice packaging
quite nice smell (has like a vanilla scent)
different shades

Inconsistent Texture
not long lasting, you have to re-apply after like 3 hours or after you eat

Swatches on hand

But, most of all I really love these lipsticks and would love to try other shades. So, what do you think of these lipsticks?

Minggu, 05 Januari 2014

L'oreal Paris Hair Color Excellence Creme Review

Hi teman2 aku mau review tentang L'oreal Excellence Creme Hair Color in 6.35 Chocolate Brown nih.

Aku baru menggunakan produk ini sekitar 3 minggu yang lalu and I will admit I love it so much. And also this is the first time I dyed my hair. When you open the box you will get 5 items there and instructions. The bottles already numbered so you can easily dye your hair without even read the instructions.

I've really wanted to dye my hair because I've seen so many girls dyed their hair and it turned really well so I decided to dye my hair before I went to my vacation. So, I went to hypermart in Pejaten Village and spent like almost 20 minutes to choose the color. I have a light to medium skintone and have a warm undertone. I've already done some research and they said I should dye my hair with copper or red color. My hair is originally dark brown so I decided to buy something lighter but not too much. Then I chose L'oreal Excellence Creme in Chocolate Brown.

Before using the product

After using the product (sorry for cute symbols in our faces) (I'm on the right side)

So, I really love the color, it turns out really well to my skin and glows my skin. It is lighter than my skin. It has copper tone to it and also a bit of red. My sister also said that the color looks good on me. I'm very satisfied with the result, and thinking will dye my hair again with the same color. Thanks L'oreal