Minggu, 05 Januari 2014

L'oreal Paris Hair Color Excellence Creme Review

Hi teman2 aku mau review tentang L'oreal Excellence Creme Hair Color in 6.35 Chocolate Brown nih.

Aku baru menggunakan produk ini sekitar 3 minggu yang lalu and I will admit I love it so much. And also this is the first time I dyed my hair. When you open the box you will get 5 items there and instructions. The bottles already numbered so you can easily dye your hair without even read the instructions.

I've really wanted to dye my hair because I've seen so many girls dyed their hair and it turned really well so I decided to dye my hair before I went to my vacation. So, I went to hypermart in Pejaten Village and spent like almost 20 minutes to choose the color. I have a light to medium skintone and have a warm undertone. I've already done some research and they said I should dye my hair with copper or red color. My hair is originally dark brown so I decided to buy something lighter but not too much. Then I chose L'oreal Excellence Creme in Chocolate Brown.

Before using the product

After using the product (sorry for cute symbols in our faces) (I'm on the right side)

So, I really love the color, it turns out really well to my skin and glows my skin. It is lighter than my skin. It has copper tone to it and also a bit of red. My sister also said that the color looks good on me. I'm very satisfied with the result, and thinking will dye my hair again with the same color. Thanks L'oreal


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