Minggu, 30 Agustus 2015

Colourpop Haul

I am in trouble, oh this is why I need to stop watching youtube videos and start reading books about saving money. I went a little bit crazy, buying these colourpop products, even now, I can see myself purchasing more in the future. This has to be labelled "youtube made me buy this" haul.

I bought twelve lipsticks, you probably think this girl is crazy, she doesn't know if she's gonna like it and she bought twelve? I know but I just can't control myself, they are just beautiful and cute...and it's cheap and pigmented (excuse much, nic?) Okay, and I bought a highlighter and two blushes. I didn't buy eyeshadows because I want to see the texture of blushes first, if I like it then I will buy the eyeshadows for sure (and I already listed the colours I want lol).
Highlighter I bought is called "smokin' whistles". Two blushes that I bought are Aphrodisiac and Between The Sheets. 
Twelve lipstixs that I bought are Brink, Lumiere,Topanga, Kiddo, Frida, LBB, Flawless, Blood, Frenchie, Fight, I Heart This, and last is Heart On.
I haven't played with these products yet but I will let you know after fews days trying them, to see if I like them or not. But for now I am really pleased with what I've got, and excited to try, yeayy.

Selasa, 23 Juni 2015

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipsticks Review

I always have a problem when it comes to lippies, I never get enough of it. You don't need 10 or even 30 lipsticks in your drawer, right? To my friend, if you have a nude and a red lipstick, you'll be fine for the rest of your life. But I always want more, even though I don't wear them all.
Wet n Wild Mega Last was raved by beauty gurus or bloggers back then, most of them said few colors are dupes for MAC lipsticks, and I have ten to review you because it's that good.
The packaging is made of plastic and the cap is clear so you can see the color through the cap without opening it. To me its really helpful. The downside is when you are not careful while putting the cap back in, you will ruin the product by hitting cap onto product.
So, I have ten colors to swatch for you:
Left to Right: Bare it All, Just Peachy, In The Flesh, Wine Room
Bare it all is a warm nude color, it's a perfect nude for me, not too brown not to pink. Just peachy is similar to bare it all but it's more on peachy side. In the flesh is a rosy pink with a hint of brown, this I would say one of my favorite. Wine room is 
Left to Right: Pinkerbell, Don't Blink Pink, Carrot Gold
Pinkerbell is a bright neon pink (they said it's a dupe for MAC Viva Glam Nicki). Don't blink pink is a hot pink. Carrot gold is a bright orange, but it a a tiny hint of peach.
Left to Right: Cherry Bomb, Spotlight Red, Red Velvet
Cherry bomb is dark cherry red. Stoplight red is a true classic red and this is my staple red at the moment, Red velvet is a cherry red, it's a blue based, very pretty.
Left to Right: Bare it all, Just Peachy, In The Flesh, Wine Room, 
Pinkerbell, Don't Blink Pink, Carrot Gold, Red Velvet, Spotlight Red, Cherry Bomb.

Senin, 22 Juni 2015

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Chocolate Powder

I have this bronzing powder for a while now and never brought it up on my blog, which is ashamed, because this bronzer is worth to talk about. I believe if I want something expensive, I don't want people saying there is a similar one, I mean dupe. I heard Bourjois Bronzer is compatible to Too Faced Chocolate De Soleil Bronzer, it also has a chocolate-y smell. So, I decided to buy Bourjois instead of Too Faced, I mean I can save money and I love affordable products.
The packaging is very nice, it's like a chocolate bar, and it has a chocolate smell, which excites me everytime I open it. The bronzer is very warm chocolate brown and perfect to warm up your face. It is not too dark and I think it suits light to medium skin, on dark skin it probably not appear well on the skin. It is pigmented and blends very easily to the skin. Some said this is good for contouring, but I don't think it is a right product to use for contouring, but I don' t know, I might be wrong, but for me, it didn't work as a contour. I forgot how much it costs for this bronzing powder, but I bought it on Bourjois counter in Kemang Village Jakarta.

Minggu, 14 Juni 2015

My Mini Haul

So, I went to Singapore last week with my dad and my sister. We were there only for 3 days. And I bought some bits and bobs, I went to Sephora, Lush, Body Shop and MAC.

At Sephora I only picked up two things, which is Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner in Black and Sephora Color Lip Last in Meet My Pink (bought for my sister's friend so I can't swatch nor open it for you to give you an idea of color). Then, I went to MAC Cosmetics and bought 2 lipsticks in Rebel and Ruby Woo.
Okay, you might think I'm so late to get these babies, but better late than not trying at all right? I've been into dark or intense lippies, so I got those and I'm in love. Now I know these are holy grail lipsticks to most of beauty addicts.

Lush!! I got really excited when I found the store (forgot which mall), this is my first purchase on Lush, I didnt go crazy and bought lots things there, because I was scared if I love it, how can I get my hands on those things ever again in Indonesia or Jakarta. I bought bath bomb in Sex Bomb, I heard the hype and yes it smells sexy. I also bought 2 bubble bars in Sunny Side and Brightside, and also bought face mask in Mask of Magnaminty. 

In Body Shop I only bought Tea Tree Toner, because I heard tea tree is very good to calm down the acnes, so I want give this one a go.

I think thats all (maybe), I had fun there I went to universal and will go back again in August, and do the shopping thing again, because women never get enough of shopping.

Senin, 08 Juni 2015

Sleek Makeup in Vintage Romance

I have this palette for awhile, and never had time to review this. Most of my palettes come from Sleek Makeup. If you're not familiar with this brand, is from UK and the products are very affordable, it's really good for people who are on budget but wanting to buy makeup. I bought this palette because of the name which is "VINTAGE ROMANCE". I love anything claims vintage (weird, huh?) and yes I love this so much, it can create any look I want to wear from day to night. It's easy to travel with too, which is very convenient for travellers. I bought it in Luxola and forgot the price but it's not expensive like I said before.

As you can see, the first row has most natural colors, and the second row has most dark colors.
Pretty in Paris is a light silver with metallic finish, it's perfect to put on inner corner of the eyes.
Meet in Madrid is a light metallic gold.
Court in Cannes is a shimmery bronze-y golden brown.
Lust in LA is frosted olive taupe and has bronze color to it.
Romance in Rome is a mixture of blue and purple.
Propose in Prague is a matte orange toned brown, more of like a brick red
A Vow in Venice is a frost plum with a bit of berry
Marry in Monte Carlo is pinkish berry, very shimmery.
Honeymoon in Hollywood is a matte winey plum with flecks of glitters. 
Bliss in Barcelona is a purple with satin finish.
Forever in Florence is a dark burgundy with flecks of glitters.
Love in London is a black with satin finish, it has a bit of shimmer but you can't tell when swatched.

From Left to Right: Pretty in Paris, Meet in Madrid, Court in Cannes, Lust in LA,
Romance in Rome, Propose in Prague, A Vow in Venice, Marry in Monte Carlo,
Honeymoon in Hollywood, Bliss in Barcelona, Forever in Florence, Love in London.

Hope this is helpful :)

Selasa, 02 Juni 2015

Revlon Nailpolish

I've been into doing my nails lately, I wanted to buy several colors to put in my collection, but I didn't want to spend my money for expensive nail polishes. I decided to go to Revlon's counter and bought some colors that I thought were pretty and might suit my skin.

They are all creamy and pigmented, you can get the color after 2 coat but it's not bad at all, and it lasts long. I love them but my favourite probably are midnight (which is dark blue, somehow reminded me of blue denim) and sequin (which is silver color and this color is very pretty and amazing). I forgot the price of these but I bought them when they were on sale.

Hope this would help, thanks for reading :)

Sabtu, 21 Februari 2015

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

I was looking for a good highlighter for my skin so I did an observation on youtube and blogs. I saw people raved about Mary-Lou Manizer from TheBalm, and it's like it's everyone's favourite so I decided to buy one. I bought mine from online shop, I know now TheBalm has opened its stores in Indonesia so you can buy TheBalm products near your local store. 

First time I got it, I was pretty amazed with the packaging, very cute and sturdy, it's plastic so you don't have to worry to throw it on your purse. The product itself is smooth and soft like butter and the good thing is highly pigmented so you have to tap the tiniest amount of this product onto your cheek to get a nice subtle glow. Mary-Lou is a shimmering champagne with gold tones, very subtle and this doesn't have chunky glitter, it won't make you look like a discoballs. This highlighter suits all different skin tones so I would recommend this to anyone who haven't tried this, you'll love it.