Senin, 22 Juni 2015

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Chocolate Powder

I have this bronzing powder for a while now and never brought it up on my blog, which is ashamed, because this bronzer is worth to talk about. I believe if I want something expensive, I don't want people saying there is a similar one, I mean dupe. I heard Bourjois Bronzer is compatible to Too Faced Chocolate De Soleil Bronzer, it also has a chocolate-y smell. So, I decided to buy Bourjois instead of Too Faced, I mean I can save money and I love affordable products.
The packaging is very nice, it's like a chocolate bar, and it has a chocolate smell, which excites me everytime I open it. The bronzer is very warm chocolate brown and perfect to warm up your face. It is not too dark and I think it suits light to medium skin, on dark skin it probably not appear well on the skin. It is pigmented and blends very easily to the skin. Some said this is good for contouring, but I don't think it is a right product to use for contouring, but I don' t know, I might be wrong, but for me, it didn't work as a contour. I forgot how much it costs for this bronzing powder, but I bought it on Bourjois counter in Kemang Village Jakarta.

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