Senin, 08 Desember 2014

Common Grounds Jakarta

Coffee is probably one of my weaknesses, my life is always missing something if I don't drink a cup of coffee. Yes, I exaggerate it but it's true and sometimes I consider myself as a coffee-maniac not only just a lover. When I have time to relax, I always go to Starbucks Coffee near me. It helps decreasing my stress level, but this time I didn't go to starbucks or coffee bean. I went to Common Grounds in Citywalk, Sudirman. Okay, I've heard some people I follow on instagram raved so much about this place so I checked it out at first and after seeing all the pictures I decided to go with my sister (she said she will accompany me to national library as long as she got treated by me). I didn't take the pics of its place. Well, the place is pretty cozy for chatting or reading alone. I really like how they put everything so simple yet comfortable. My sister and I ordered the same menu which is butter waffles with banana and caramel as topping. I also ordered cappuccino and my sister ordered espresso. When the food arrived, I was pretty amazed how the waffles was served so beautifully and looked delicious. And yes people, it's delicious, the caramel was not too sweet which I like the most,,, and bananas with strawberries!!! Man, you should try that!  Oh uh the cappuccino is the best y'all. i freaking lurvvvv it (haha this is pretty much showing how much I love it). Well, I didn't taste my sis' drink but she liked it. What I like the most, one of the baristas came to us and asked us about the coffees they served, I mean they really care about the consumers.

Okay, enough complimenting this coffee roaster, all I want to say is that I want to come back and order more of their coffee choices and also their brunches. 

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