Jumat, 31 Oktober 2014

Revlon Colorstay 16 Hours Eye Shadow

Revlon is having sale and my mom took advantages of it, she bought some products and she bought me 4 palettes. I didn't pick the shades but I think my mom did pretty good job on picking the right shades I want. I love neutral eyeshadows, I'm obsessed, if I have to look into my makeup vanity, I only see neutral warm colours, but still, I always think they are not enough. 
Onto the packaging, the packaging is black sturdy and see through on top of packaging so you can see the shades which I prefer on eyeshadow palettes. But it's nothing special though. 
The texture is smooth but not really creamy - a little bit powdery, but the color pigmentation is great. You can create different looks for only one palette and they're pretty neutral and warm. From all the 4 palettes I have, my favourite would be addictive and seductive.


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