Kamis, 28 Agustus 2014

Sugarpot Review

Holiday is already here, and I love to go to beaches, wearing really short pants or bikinis. I was thinking about waxing my body because I want it to look soft and smooth, but I didn't want to go to salon because we all know, it's expensive. I bought a sugarpot waxing gel from sugarpot, I saw the hyped and people talked about it so I decided to try, but you know, I bought 4 variant of them (girl's problem, right?). I bought Matcha sugar gel (green jar), Chocolate sugar gel (chocolate jar), Milky Strawberry (red jar), and finally Original Honey (yellow jar). It shipped really fast (only took 4 days). The packaging is a white plastic jar, nothing special. I didn't buy the kit per jar, I only bought 2 kits (Matcha and Original Honey) and the other jars I bought are not kits, because I didn't need gazilion strips and spatulas, because I'm the only one who's gonna using it anyway. A kit contains a 250gr sugar gel in a jar (any flavour you chose), 2 spatula and 12 strips (very generous of them).

I've tried the Original Honey one and I smelled really good (but I had to give it to my cousin because she wanted to try but too scared to buy one), and now I use the chocolate one. And peeps, if you are a chocolate lover like me, you will love this too. I smells amaze-balls and tastes gooood (sorry I wasn't meant to lick it but I did it anyway!). I tried it on my legs and BAM, my legs are soft and smooth and buh-bye hairy  legs. (Pssttt, they say on the website you can use it on your bikini line too, which is awesome eeeeepp!)

Each flavour claims so many benefits for your skin, you might want to see on their website here.

Okay, should I recommend this to you??? DEFINITELY YES, seriously you will not going back to salon again if you give yourself a try. Will I repurchase this? Yep!!
Hope this will help you changing your mind and buying this. 

xoxo, veraamonica

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