Senin, 07 Juli 2014

Skincare Routine

Hi guys, I really want to talk about my face routine right now. I've been using so many products and also going to clinics.

I watched many skincare videos and bought some of products were mentioned on the videos the most. I bought the products, but it didn't do the job. Then, my dad told me that I need to go to skincare clinic and get a treatment. So I went to Permata Clinic with my dad, he was about to get the hair treatment while I get my first skin treatment. I was so in love with the products, it did the job well, my skin looked brighter and really nice. But the price is really expensive for the whole package. After 3 months treatment, I decided to stop and I started to try a new clinic (i shouldn't mention the name). At first month, it did the job but after two months, my face started to breakout again, well I decided to try this because my two bestfriends recommended this to me and their skin look flawless. And after that I decided to stop and started using products from "Carefour" and still didn't work. 

So, after I went back from my Europe trip with my family, I had a terrible breakouts and acne, you know girls never like acne on their face, right? I decided to go back to Permata Clinic to get my treatment again. Oh btw, this clinic always crowded especially on the weekends, so better go on the weekdays. At first, you will meet the doctor and he will start to analyse your face by touching it. It only takes like 5 minutes, he will send you to get the treatment on the 4th floor (on wolter mongisidi), sometimes if I had very serious acne problem, he will tell me to get facial treatment before lasering and oxygen treatment. But this time, I just get an oxygen treatment which only takes 10-15 minutes.
After I got treatment, they gave me a bunch of products (you will get facial wash, moisturizers, eye creams, toner, supplements, and serum). Okay, before you see the millions products that I got, I wanna tell you that this is expensive, VERY EXPENSIVE but WORTH TO TRY (sorry for the capslock) but seriously, I love it. I have to pay like over 3 millions for these but as long as my face is happy then I don't care haha.

Here is the products that I have to buy (LOADS lol)

I've been to this clinic few times, but this time I got face masks, which is so cool

My Face before using the products (no filter)

I'll give you an update after a month of using these products.



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